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Re: Separated Shoulder Lingering Problems

Originally Posted by custm121 View Post
Hello, I recently separated my shoulder (type 2) on Labor Day. (Sept. 05, 2011)

I've been dealing with these issues - pain, limited motion, limited range, unable to hold weight.

I have no issurance, so I have done most of my research online and self medicated.

I put my arm in a sling for about 3 weeks (unfortunetly off and on). My shoulder would feel better but stupid me would use my shoulder to soon and re-injure it and set myself back to day 1 or worse.

Of late I have been rather responsible and not moved my shoulder, it is currently feeling much better. I am still having tightness where the injury took place and it is almost pain free. What I am asking is what is the next step in my healing process? Rehab? Should I keep it in a sling even though there is no pain for a few weeks longer? If rehab is the next step, does anyone have any exercises or range of motions I should be doing to get this issue straighten out?

Thank you for taking the time to read, any response will be greatly appreciated. I am an avid gym rat and the two months without have felt like 2 years.

Well Chris if you have a type 11 you have the most stable of the bad tears, not great consolation but some. So the acromioclavicular ligament is ruptured. The ligaments from the coracoid of the scapula to the clavicle may be OK or some what damaged but you should still have some reasonable stability. Unfortunately in spite of this stability it can still remain painfull. It is difficult to know how good the unruptured ligaments are and how much tension they will stand. You did the correct proceedure with the sling by the way. You should by now doing a gradual and progressive exercise program to keep full range and get your strength back. In my youth I played rugby and I can still remember the tough guys who had grade 3 and 4 separations und kept on playing. Nowadays the grade 4 are operated on if they are professional sportsman, presumably the results are good. Good luck with yours.