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Question Pain in Left Shoulder when waking up, and black & blue knuckles on right hand...


I hope someone can give me somethin, not sure what this is.. Just recently started experiencing it.

1. I smoke about a pack a day, (yes I know its bad, been doing it about 2 yrs stress related)
2. I woke up this morning with really painful (like a bad bad headache, in my left shoulder..) It eventually went away during the day..
3. Later during the evening, I was walking to the store (about 30 degrees out..) when I got inside, my knuckles on right hand were black and blue..

Any ideas what may be happening? Or should I have a certain doctor check this out? I cant really replicate it without those events. (waking up, and walking in cold weather for a few minutes)

I'm curious to see what people say about this one.



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