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Your Angina Stories and pain in the RIGHT arm? ....

So glad I found this site!! This is my first time posting altho I've read many of yours. I see there is a lot of experience/knowledge around here. I was hoping some of you would share your angina stores, how did yours start, when did you know to go to the dr., what does your feel like and when/how often does it happen. All that good stuff. My sister is having chest pains. At first it was only when she bent over to pick something up or when she dashed to her car after work. She then had chest 'pain' that went into her back and RIGHT arm, and also when she ran down the stairs at work. She takes a bit of a rest and it subsides. It doesnt appear to be heartburn or gas, altho she says sometimes it does feel that way. Sometimes it wakes her from a sleep, but that is infrequent, and she does say her heart feels like it pounds really hard from time to time. She said it's hard to pinpoint exactly how it feels-descibes it as "a general heaviness vs feeling like I'm having a heart attack" and the arm pain is 'an achy feeling.' Said her back pain is PAIN. I did some online searching bc I'm beginning to get a mite bit worried for her. We do understand this is not to diagnose, but if anyone would be so kind as to share their stores, we'd appreciate it. And I'm trying to get her to go to the dr. She's in her early 40's. non smoker, non drinker. Thanks in advance for your help.


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