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Re: Never Full! Always Hungry! Hunger so bad that it hurts! :(

Originally Posted by Sahreth View Post
how do you do that?
I never tested that actually. But if I feel that I am feeling terribly hungry, more than usual, then the first suspect is worms in stomach (my parents had consulted the doctors).

Originally Posted by Sahreth View Post
And how do you get worms?
Perhaps by:
junk food,
improperly digested food,
eating food with dirty hands,
eating mud (children do that),

I suggest that you go to a general physician and ask him for the name of an effective pill for stomach worms. Yes, it is a pill, it is to be taken for continuous 3 days. Confirm the dosage from him.

If after the dosage completes you feel NO improvements, that'll mean that the problem lies somewhere else.