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Post Getting approval from doctor for disability


I have had infections for years and have recently been diagnosed with CVID.
Immune disorder. I am waiting for immunoglobulin treatment (CVIG).

I have been sick for over two months and it's affecting my ability to work or perform well on the job.

My doctor is trying to get approval with the insurance company to authorized my treatment, which is still ongoing after a month.
My insurance carrier is going to change on Jan 1st and have to start the process over again of getting approval. I need this treatment now, because I am sick, and don't have a date when I will be approved.

My issue is this; how do I approach my doctor with the question about possibly going on disability, and if he will support me?
I am afraid to ask because I have heard some doctors will "red flag" your records as someone who does not need to be on disability, and, I don't want this to happen. I explained I was very fatigued and cannot perform well on my job.
How can I ask the doctor is such a way, that I will get an answer of at least yes or no? and not be red flagged?

Also, if the doctor says no, and I go to another doctor who treats ppl with my condition, how do I approach the question if they will support me if I feel I need to go on disability?
I feel I have to move quick on this issue, as my job is on the line now and my employer my let me go. I do have STD and LTD through work.

How can i quickly move on this issue? if my doctor says "no", if I go to another doctor, should I approach the issue right away? the doctor I was thinking of seeing has had cases where ppl with AIDS have gone out on disability.

Please; any direction or help is appreciated. Thanks.

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