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Re: Caffiene! How Much-How Little and Why?

Originally Posted by Janaly View Post
How much is too much? Do you feel your blood pressure is elevated by drinking coffee?
I never took my blood pressure after drinking coffee (I'm not a coffee drinker) but after several days of eating a small amount of chocolate daily, I began to notice a rapid pulse. Because the amount of chocolate was small and likewise the amount of caffeine was small too, it took about 10 days to get the rapid pulse. Here's why: There's a gene in your liver for caffeine metabolism and because of individual differences, you may be a fast or slow processor. I am so slow to process caffeine that even a small amount daily will build up in my system.

Slow processors are said to have an increased risk for non-fatal heart attacks. What if I hadn't connected the dots that the caffeine in the chocolate was causing my rapid pulse? I can see where the end result might have been a heart attack.

The other problem with coffee is its high acid content. This can cause calcium to be leached from your bones. This happens when your body uses the calcium from your bones to nutralize the acid in the coffee.

There will always be some research to show this or that benifit from drinking coffee. The problem is that they never seem to present the whole picture of "good and bad" together. So people think that the scientists are always changing their minds. I don't think they are. It's just that some studies may be funded by commercial interests and they want to show only a positive result.

If someone wants to speed up their metabolism for the purpose of weight loss, I think there are safer ways of doing that.

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