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Re: too shy to orgasm :(

Well,how old are you now?

The thing is,when you have an orgasm,
you are for the moment letting go of some of your control.That can be really hard to do for some people.You must feel absolutely secure and trust someone to be able to "let go" like that in front of them.Since you have been with your boyfriend such a long time,you should have that level of trust though.And you say you do.

So the only other answer is that you are insecure.You are scared of how you look and feel during sex to the point that you can't relax and have an orgasm.
The question is,why? Do you not feel like you are attractive enough for your boyfriend?
Were you raised in a family that taught you sexuality is somehow dirty? And sex makes you feel guilty?
Are you worried about birth control or getting pregnant?
Sexually abused ever?

Only you know the answers to these things.I'am concerned that you filming yourself having an orgasm has had such a bad effect on you that it has made you cry...
I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time.I would say you need to work on your self esteem.And perhaps get some therapy to figure out what is going on with you.

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