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Thumbs up Re: My husband just told he wants a divorce...

Hi Sharala

I see your pain.. it's been 6 months since you wrote on here ..

what has been happening since?

I'm an older woman 59yrs who's been there and done that after being married faithfully for 35yrs..

I had 3 spinal ops over 3 yrs which put me in a w/chr, subsequently my husband had an affair and we eventually divorced..

So I know what your'e are feeling.. I felt ANGRY.. and CHEATED ..

My daughter misunderstood what I was going thru, as I never told her some of the horrific things he did to me..

( He was violent & raped me, he was cruel tho he never USED to be....

I had private investigators following him etc.. they caught him cheating ...

I ended up at Woman's Refuge twice , then out for a month to my sisters ..
It went on for 2 yrs )

My daughter had a little baby & daughter, they were the focus of her life at the time..

when we split in 2003 she didn't believe why I felt that way towards him .. she was oblivious ..

It's taken another 8 yrs for her and I to become Friends /mother & daughter again..

I've never burst her bubble about her father..
I'll let her believe what she wants..

All I know is I was a great mother to both her and her brother all those years.. I was their steady Rock .. he was never there for all their years growing up..

He was selfish & away hunting all their lives.. which he acknowledged after she got married..

So now I'm living on my own, have recently met a lovely man a few months ago..

I see my G/kids twice a week,,...

My ex has re -married that woman.. he's not very happy at times
( it's her 3rd marriage) so that says it all !!

And I'm really happy with my life..

But what's happened with you Sharala after all this time.. ??

let me know if you or your friends see this ??..

I'll be thinking of you...

With Love n Hugs.. belle