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Re: Lamictal causing increased mania?

hi thanks for getting back to me,
god have i had a week of it! it started last saturday when i got this amazing eurphoric feeling that had me bouncing off walls jumping around singing and dancing and all the other wild and crazy things us bp's tend to do when we go manic.... i didnt sleep right up until last night except for maybe an hour or so a night, scrubbed my house at 3 in the morning one night and i taught this was normal!! finaly slept till my alarm went off this morning and although i feel very panicy and still a bit wired i think im out of the worst of it hopefully i dont get the deprssion that seems to hit me after a manic episode in saying that i havent had one as bad as this since i was diagnosed,i was back with my pdoc and they upped my ablify to 10mg so it might be starting to work and thats why im a bit calmer im back again on monday so ill see what they have to say.
i wish there was something i could say to you to help you feel a bit better but knowing how you are feeling i also no that nothing or no one will help you at the min but if it helps i have had all them symtoms aswell and i still get irritated and scream and shout at my kids etc but as my pdoc keeps telling me its all trial and error until they get the right dose and meds so try have faith and believe that it will get better,keep talkin to me aswell if you find that helps i no im finding it helpful talkin to someone that understands the madness that goin on inside my head.
about the anti drepressent i also tried alot of them down the years and it was when i was put on prozac and got my first high that they resalised i was bp but the good thing is, although you cant use an antidepressent on its own you can with the meds were on so maybe talk to your pdoc i do honestly think this is what you need but hey im no doctor

keep in touch cri

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