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Sudden, Severe Pelvic/Rectum/Abdominal Pain

Last night I felt fine one second, and the next I was doubled over in excruciating pain in my lower abdomen area. I actually crawled to the bathroom. There was an intense muscle pain that made my stomach like wood and I couldn't bend my body, plus there was an extreme sensation of pressure on my pelvic and rectum as well. Since I was on the toilet I "beared down" and the pain was so intense I fell off the toilet and screamed for my husband (fearing I would pass out and no one would find me until morning).

He didn't hear me so I had to crawl to him in the bedroom, at this point 20 minutes of excruciating pain (I was only using my arms to pull myself as my legs were shaking so bad, even though they themselves did not hurt, just shaking violently) - but by the time I got to him he put me in bed and started getting dressed to go to hospital, but I told him it was starting to weaken and after a half hour it was painful but bearable, so he put me in a salt water bath for a bit until I could at least get up and walk around.

This morning it didn't actually hurt anymore, but it is extremely tender. If I push on my lower abdomen (anywhere from below navel to just above vaginal area) it feels like someone slugged me in the gut. The muscles feel extremely sore, like I did a killer workout. And I feel really "full" although I haven't eaten anything today. I can still feel minor pressure in my pelvic and rectum areas, but not even a tenth of what it was last night.

I am thinking ovarian cyst ruptured, which doesn't seem to require medical attention. But my husband is convinced it has something to do with my appendix and I need to go to ER today (I actually made an appointment with my regular doctor but he can't see me for 3 days).

No health insurance and ER is pricey, so a little torn here. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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