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So this is my first post on here. Try not to yawn...

Basically, I joined because I don't want to struggle alone. If you have an ED you know how hard it is to have absolutely no one understand what you are going through. Emotionally, I am in a strange place right now. I have struggled with anorexia for 6 years. I have "recovered" too many times to count and this time I finally came to the conclusion that I am one of those that won't ever recover. It's such a lovely thought isn't it....(sarcasm!! If you read these posts remember I am a very sarcastic person).

Is it bad that I'm already asking what the point of this post is?? Honestly, I forgot!! Soooo let me redirect this....

Point(s): I am not pro ana, I am not here to encourage anyone. I am not proud of myself although registering for a site to talk about my problems (and read other people's problems) would probably make some people wonder. Maybe I'll meet some people on here that can actually understand what I'm going through because my family, friends, etc won't ever get it. It's so simple for people to say "fix the problem."

I am done blabbing. Hope everyone is having a great weekend because I've been sitting here drinking green tea and studying for finals and working on papers all day!! Because I have no life Seriously. No life. I will elaborate on that when I want to make some people smile.


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