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Re: Ridiculousness

Originally Posted by Live2Run View Post
So this is my first post on here.

Basically, I joined because I don't want to struggle alone. If you have an ED you know how hard it is to have absolutely no one understand what you are going through. Emotionally, I am in a strange place right now.I have "recovered" too many times to count and this time I finally came to the conclusion that I am one of those that won't ever recover..
Hello and welcome Nicole.

You are definitely not alone here.

My family doesn't understand either but you know what,it's ok.

It's ok because even if I brought them all the informational resources that this world has to offer,they wouldn't even pick up as much as a business card to lift a finger to help......but that's me.

Don't give up on yourself and know that there is no such thing as recovering too many times.

We fall down but we get up,again and again and we'll have moments where we feel like giving up and that's long as you don't dwell on the frustration of things to the point it worsens your situation.

Remember that you have the possibility of recovering today and if you place in perspective that this day carries with it a glimmer of hope(even though you may not metaphorically see it) then you will come to realize that hope is necessary to keep us going.

It's real,it's true and it's life....our lives.

When in doubt, post it out.

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