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Re: Misdiagnosed Lymes Disease

Thank you for your post. I was recently clinically diagnosed with Lymes, but tested twice (once w/ Igenex) and had negative results. I received the diagnosis because I have all the symptoms and was in an area known for Lyme just prior to the symptoms. I was quickly given a rx for doxy for 2 months. However, my symptoms did not all go away. I can relate to the "it's all in your head" diagnosis from the doctors. I think my MD thinks I am on the internet and making myself sick. However, I have been extremely healthy and a runner for many years. I have been told that I took enough antibotics and now I should be well. I was advised to take zanax and Librax and wait it out. I did receive a diagnosis several years ago of IBS. I have treated it a few times for no more than 6-12 months with Librax. I never have diahrrea, but have a slow digestive system. I have had 2 colonoscopies. Once with a biopsy of stomach, small and large intestine. Never any mention of Celiac Disease. After talking to my daughter and reading your post I am wondering if I have some intolerance to Gluten. Could feeingl like you have the flu with body aches every day as well as nuerological problems be symptoms of Celiac? I am just now looking into this and would love some input. No family history of Celiac. Thank you.