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Re: Low Level Immunoglobin M??

Originally Posted by sunshinefemale View Post
I went to allergist and he did blood work. The only abnormal results were Immunoglobin M = 29 L and normal range is 48 - 271
Absolute Monocytes = 189 L normal range 200 - 950
Helicobacter pylori igg positive

The reason I went to see his was my skin was itching especially after shower, after working out, when i get cold. Doc said i was allergic to dust mite. So i bought dust mite cover.

Now my question is why is Immunoglobin M = 29 L? What causes it. Doc did not mention anything about it. Trying to find info about it. Do I need to have more test?
I called my doctor he basically said not to worry. It looks like i had an infection when the test was done. It should be gone now. He will run the test again and the numbers should be back to normal. So i will redo the test again to put my mind at ease....