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SSDI morphing into SS Retirement...

This does not pertain to my situation at all currently, I am just curious.

My dad is on SSDI, and has been for a few years. He had an accident at work that caused him to be disabled. He went to vocational rehabilitation, but it didn't work out, and after appeals, he finally won at the ALJ level.

On the drive down to the SS office yesterday, he told me that his lawyer had told him when he reaches retirement age (and he is close, I think in March he can switch to retirement, as he will be 63?), he gets a large amount of money. I am curious if this is true on a general principal? I don't see how, I thought once you reach retirement age, your benefits just sort of morph over from SSDI to retirement (and yes, he is getting SSDI and not SSI).

And I know whatever the answer is today, by the time I am there in 20 some odd years, things may very well change, so not looking for me, just curious