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Re: Scared to death I have stomach cancer.

My little sister was diagnosed in June with stage 4 stomach cancer, and she passed away 2 months later, on August 12 at the age of 33. She had been having horrible back pain for almost a year and some indigestion problems. Other than that, she was healthy. She was admitted to the hospital in April and they removed her gall bladder. Over the next several weeks, she began to feel worse and started vomiting on a regular basis. After a lot of tests and scans, they finally found the stomach tumor while doing a upper GI. So, basically what I want to say to you, is YOU know your own body best. If you truly are feeling out of sorts, insist on having a complete GI scan. That will tell you if you have a tumor in your stomach. I have been suffering from chronic nausea and vomiting for over 8 months. I have had numerous scans and tests, as well as several trips to the ER and have actually been admitted to the hospital due to dehydration and inability to control the vomiting. FINALLY, last week, I had a HIDA scan done which showed once and for all what my problem is. I have a complete blockage in one of the bile ducts, and will need surgery to remove the obstruction and then another surgery to remove my gall bladder. I urge you to go to your doctor, armed with all the information you can give, and insist that you have them send you for a GI scan, and if that is clear, look at the gall bladder. Good luck and God bless you. I know how horrible life can be when you are faced with an undiagnosed medical problem. It completely ruins your quality of life, and of course, it is extremely frightening to not be able to find out what is making you sick. Just know that stomach cancer is usually found in older people, more likely men, and it tends to be a slow growing cancer, so if caught early, you have a good chance of survival. My baby sister ignored her symptoms due to lack of health insurance ( which is beyond inexcusable in this country filled with the excessive greed - Kardashians, anyone? ) and my Sarah payed with her life. GO GET A GI SCAN, sweetie, and try not to stress out with worry.