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Exclamation Infected Wisdom. no insurance. help?

Ive been on a waiting list for n oral surgeon thru state aid for over 8 months now.. since then my bottom wisdom tooth has poked thru and i assume is 'partially impacted'- from what i've read.
its been seeping a distinct fluid which has been giving me the worst sore throat ive ever had. being had over 2 weeks now.. any suggestions on the throat?
i did go to an "ER clinic" which proscribed me amoxicillin- still have another week on it. tho once the drugs run out, hopefully the infection does too, i have no other plan or the slightest idea of where to go, what to do.. uhg.
Hopefully without sounding, over the top:
sore throat- down neck
jaw pain- which reaches from tooth to ear
inner ear pain- constant altitude changes, very achy, tend to put pressure to relieve pressure;if that makes sense
dizzy/out of it
swollen side of my face
(maybe none related)..
sciatic nerve has been a constant problem, very painful
weak, fatigue, headaches, tired
very cranky<ha

living on tips is the biggest pain when in need-- and im sure living off $16 amoxicillin will surely, eventually, turn sourly. if anyone has any suggestions or similar stories i could use really use the advice.


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