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Re: Questions about Adderall

My biggest issues-

-Keeping up with keys, glasses, etc. I am currently missing my glasses and have been going without them. I don't have horrible vision and can go without them. I have just gotten used to seeing the t.v. and street signs blurry. I know it's crazy, but I'm so used to living this way.

-When I'm driving, I often drive past my destination point b/c my mind is wandering. The other day, I actually missed the same spot three times! I know that's insane. It's one of the things that prompted me to talk about my attention problems with my doctor. I also frequently just drive to the wrong spot out of habit. I know everyone does this every once in awhile, but it is quite common for me.

-Leaving the house without everything I need. I practically always come back in at least three times. I have a babysitter that comes once a week for me, and last week she actually said, "Oh, I've just gotten used to you saying goodbye to me three or four times." She is a very sweet person, but it made me feel like an idiot. :-(