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Re: vestibular neuritis - need some advice

I was diagnosed with VN a year an a half ago (well, it started then .. Took a few months to get diagnosis). An ENG showed I had damage in my right ear. It's been sort of a 3 steps forward 2 steps back process. Frustrating, I know. I have many weeks now that I feel completely normal, sometimes over a month. If I get sick or travel I will sometimes decompensate for a week or two. It does get better, and you could improve much faster than I did. I didn't get VRT until over a year later. I have def overdone it (one time too much VRT and another time dancing in heels all night)... And both of those decomps were awful. Prob best to keep moving, but slow and steady. My 2 cents. You'll get there!! I am totally functional now. Just yucky in the mornings sometimes. It doesn't hold
Me back.

Bindar, can you elaborate? I have met a lot of people on the boards who have been diagnosed with VN and aren't recovered within a month or two. I'm very curious as to what we could have that we don't know about. I want to kick this thing!!