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Re: Avascular necrosis hip

My husband was 39 when he had his first hip replacement. He was in denial for a few years prior, but when it got to the point he was ready for a wheelchair, he had the hip done and 4 months later had the other hip done. He said he wished he hadn't waited so long. His hips weren't designed for running, but he was so thrilled to be back on the golf course. He had to work at losing weight through diet but the drs stressed to him it was very important. He did it and lost 20 pounds. His hips lasted for 17 years before he had to go through another replacement. He had them done again but was complaining within a year. After 4 years and getting nowhere, he switched surgeons who immediately noted that the cup had not been switched out and the material broke down in his body causing an autoimmune reaction that was creating holes in his bones. He had an extensive surgery and change out of the hip and a graft. He will have the other side done within the year. Again, he will stress, he wished he hadn't waited so long to replace them when he was 38. The dr brought his hip bone out to show me and it was complete void of any cartlidge. Doc said it was the worst he had ever seen and was shocked he could even walk.
Good luck to you