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Re: Pea sized lump in the right side of the neck in 3 year old child

Originally Posted by binds View Post
My 3 year old son has a small pea sized lump on the right side of his neck (just around the middle on the neck). I have been noticing it from quite sometimes (more than a year). At first I thought it was some kind of vein and just ignored it but recently when I touched it, it was something else and not the vein. Could anyone please advise me what could that be? I am very much worried about that bump on his neck. Could anyone please advise on this matter? My son also catches cold too often, may be twice in a month, I dont know what to do to prevent it. Does that bump on the neck is related to frequent cold?

Many thanks.
My son is almost 3 and also has a lump on his neck. It is on the right side, it ranges in size, but has not completely gone away in some time. I took him to the Dr who said it was a swollen lymph node from having a cold. However, I think I am going to get a second opinion because it seems to be there regardless of whether or not he has a cold. Have you taken your son to see the Dr? If so, what was the outcome? Best of luck to you & your family.