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Re: Inappropriate or good bedside manner?

Thanks for the comment He also transferred my sisters care to the same hospital because she is having problems with her pregnancy. I am really hurt that this creep made me look like the inappropriate person in the situation. What really sucks now is that we both work for the same hospital, and I am the new hire. I hope he does not cause problems for me over there and cost me my job and/or reputation. I really want to complain but I am afraid that he will have me fired or that the licensing board will do nothing about the situation, since I did continue care after several months of him being inappropriate and I did not tell him to stop except for that one time five yrs ago. I am just curious why you would think he would send me away because of fearing I would turn him in? I guess I just do not understand. Wouldn't make a person want to turn him in more if he was sending them away and accuse them of being inappropriate? Thanks for your input. I really got myself into a bad situation.