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Re: Pea sized lump in the right side of the neck in 3 year old child

Originally Posted by rubytuesc View Post
My son is almost 3 and also has a lump on his neck. It is on the right side, it ranges in size, but has not completely gone away in some time. I took him to the Dr who said it was a swollen lymph node from having a cold. However, I think I am going to get a second opinion because it seems to be there regardless of whether or not he has a cold. Have you taken your son to see the Dr? If so, what was the outcome? Best of luck to you & your family.
I did have a consultation with pediatrician and he told me that itís a normal lymph node and there is nothing to worry about. Only if the size continues to grow, one should go for further investigation but if the size remains unchanged then its normal. Occasionally lymph node does remain enlarged after infection and wonít come into its real size. So hopefully everything is fine and donít worry.
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