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Re: CIN1 and treatment. Advice needed

Oh bother I may get yelled at for this one, but I have read several places hormones produced during pregnancy are good for HPV, which is easy to believe from my end because birth control is good for HPV.

I am not recommending anything, I will say that outright, but waiting 6 months for help smells funny to me. I got help right away, granted I was further along than you. I have had two cryosurgeries, one in March of 2011, one last Tuesday. I was bleeding incessantly during the time before the first surgery and DURING the first surgery, and I waited 9 months from the point of infection to get help. You don't want that happening to you!!! It's worn me out and yes the bleeding has stopped now thanks to bc, but it took months and many different kinds of bc to put an end to it, weight gain, and fear of my own body. My health is not looking great but better thanks to bc, vitamins and two cryos. Get a second opinion, ask questions and get help or have your kid. You deserve happiness, love, and a chance to be a mommy. I wish you the best of luck and God bless!