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Re: Does this sound like autoimmune disorder?

Originally Posted by gdiluca View Post
All are long-term problems, except joint issues (casually diagnosed as arthritis because tests for autoimmune disorder came back negative), and rash on chest.

Thank you!
Dear Heather,
If you are celiac, you can be screened pretty definitively for it by a simple blood test, although the gold standard is by biopsy. What sort of autoimmune test were run? Also, did your blood tests include SED rate and/or CRP level? In most autoimmune problems, those last 2 are usually raised above normal. An ANA test alone will not rule in or out autoimmune disease if there are clinical signs. I know that there are several Autoimmune diseases that are ANA test negative but positive other antibodies. Rashes can also be specific for certain Autoimmune diseases. A dermatologist might be able to help you there, or even your GP, if they get to see the rash as it is happening. On the other hand, anxiety can cause many of your symptoms as well as thyroid problems and a variety of nonautoimmune related things. The lupus board has some stickies posted that are a great resource for info. I know from personal experience that getting treated for an autoimmune disease can be a long journey, should you have one. Hope this helps and hope you have a great weekend![/QUOTE]

yes it does sound like a autoimmune disease to me. I personally have lupus/fibromyalagia/Restless Leg/body Syndrome and i hate to tell you but seems you already know, the list just grows of ana and sed rate are important in diagnosis of your disease. But it sounds alot like Lupus to me. I'm no dr. so don't quote me on that. I just want to give you many hugs and prayers because I know how down you can get from things like this. your friend, junebugzz