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Re: Frustrated....does this happen to anyone?

I have had Panic Disorders for 30 years. I hid it from everyone in the first 15 years, as these things were not excepted by employers as being an illness, unless they had it. Everything you described, I have had in symptoms of attacks, there are just different things that cause them with everyone. It is only the fear, not the actual riding. I use this term many times, but it is only "brain tricks". Your brain can mimic every known symptom as it is what tells you that you have the symptom. Once your mind even gets the thought of riding, you jump right into an oncoming attack. The only way to beat this is to work on it. You have to just not care anymore and let your mind know that you no longer fear this. It takes time but you can. Of course, there will be ups and downs doing this. It is almost like telling you brain, go ahead, I don't care, show me something new, I am not afraid of anything you do anymore. Of course you will come up against things that cause fear and your mind will jump right into action again but at some point you will reach a time when you will just think, my lips and nose are numb, darn anxiety and keep moving on with what you are doing. I guess the main point is to get where you don't panic but except the reality of what the symptoms really are. This way they don't get to a point where you can not continue on with what you are doing and you just ignore them and forget about it. You just have to work on it and many people do need medication to help with this unfortunately. The medication does help but the reality is you have to get to this point as I said, with meds or not. Seeing the right kind of Doctor, getting medication if you need it may be your answer but learning to except things for what they really are and are only, is how you get the problem to a point of control that it does not interfere with your entire daily life. I Wish You Well my Friend.