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Re: Is It Acid Reflux or LPR

hi dsfree. I also have this same mucus problem except I have acid reflux which I knew I had and as confirmed by a GI with endoscopy. and I was also seen by a ENT and they scoped me and said my throat looked fine. didnt even say anything or suspect that I had LPR. But yet I get mucus in my throat (along with the dreaded lump) and it drives me nuts. My mucus is not as bad as yours, however, I do always feel it and find myself wanting to hack it up so I dont have to swallow it. I find with the mucus and lump problem it doesnt feel right to swallow the mucus or even my own saliva at times. it just feels awkward going down.

so your question of whether its LPR or acid reflux. as it stands its probably acid reflux as you were told that already. I was never told I had LPR but yet I have these LPR symptoms as you are also having. I dont even understand how you can have "LPR" without having acid reflux. The acid reflux comes from your stomach and refluxes up your esophagus and into your throat if bad enough. In my opinion there is only reflux. Maybe you can have both? But I don't think you can just have LPR without having reflux. I heard from someone that their GI doc said that ENT docs are quick to overdiagnose "LPR" and a lot of GI docs don't even acknowledge LPR.

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