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Re: Frustration!

I have one-the toughest one I could find and he is very familar with RSD. I was able to talk to the refering Dr. and they switched me to a different MD. and yes, as soon as W/C saw RSD they have been denying everything! So wrong of them, it is bad enough that you get told you have this nasty disease called RSD, then they put more stress on you by denying your meds and apts, somewhere the system is broken. I know there are dishonest people out there, but when did everyone become guilty before proven innocent. I loved my job, and I love working-believe me I would rather be scheduling vacations then Dr. apts, no one would chose this one...just wish for one day the W/C people could feel our pain and take the meds that make you so confused you can't drive and all you want to do is sleep. Then be treated like a druggie when you ask for pain meds....yeah, no one would choose this. Sorry for the rant...they made be mad today...just happy that I am responding well to medication and feeling hopeful.