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Re: Is It Acid Reflux or LPR

If you want my 2 cents, it's this:

Probably a very small percentage of the people who have throat symptoms but no regular heartburn have a reflux issue.

A tiny percentage does, confusing the matter.

The vast vast majority of us would be better off pursuing other avenues rather than reflux as the cause. Also, people should stop taking ppis if they don't work almost immediately. What kind of a medication takes 6 months to 2 years to work because "they need 24 hour coverage for the injuries to heal."

Man does that sound misguided to me. In short, I can't say all of you have nerve damage. Some of you might have some other cause, diet causing mucus build up in the throat, a tiny growth near the larynx, an undiagnosed uncommon alergy, etc.

But for only a tiny percentage of "LPR" patients will ppis and acid reflux treatment work, because for only a tiny percentage is that actually the problem.

If you imagine that to be true, then it follows that the acid reflux (LPR) healthboard's LPR/throat problem posts should look EXACTLY like they look on this healthboard!