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Re: CFS and Neurological/Oddball symptoms

Hi Fancykat,

I'm curious to know what types of neurological problems you're having. I've never been diagnosed with CFS but I was diagnosed with Fibro...not sure if I really have it or not. NONE of the drugs for it work for me at all. I have pain and inflammation but they can't really decide where it's coming from or why I have it. ?? They think it's autoimmue but they can't place it. I do have what I think could be neurological problems but they haven't been checked into's only been years...I guess they don't want to rush into anything LOL!! I get a sort of odd sensation around my ankles that seems to radiate up to my shins and up the sides of my lower legs. Someone said it could be from sciatica but no one has a definate reason for it or what to do to make it go away. Whatever it is, my ankles often "give out" and I think it's related to that as well. I have never had a real sense of balance and I have fallen a lot in my lifetime. I'm 60 years old now. I used to joke and say I needed a net around me to hold me up when I lose my balance. Right now I work with my GP who is almost useless and a Rheumatologist who is next to useless. Good doctors are just very hard to find. It's frustrating.
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Hi guys:
I've actually fallen off in keeping up with the new developments in the treatment of CFS. Mainly due to the fact that my physician, apparently the only one in the entire metropolitan area to specialize in it is no longer here. I've had a hell of a time trying to find a knowledgeable doctor. They all seem to want to throw this under the Fibro heading, and things that work for Fibro don't necessarily work for CFS and vice versa. Plus, it would be good to know if new symptoms I am getting are just part of the package or something else that could be going on. I am not new to this affliction. I was diagnosed with it in 1987 after a particularly nasty bout of mono.... never recovered, it seems. 2000 I was diagnosed with Fibro....

Anyway... I was wondering if there has been any new research regarding neurological symptoms and CFS. Also, is it common for sufferers to experience balance issues (feeling like you are on a boat in the middle of a stormy ocean), tremor (one side) and other stuff like numbness, smelling things that aren't there and blurry vision that comes and goes? Can a person have abnormalities on a neuro exam due to CFS?

Thanks for your input!