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Re: Tingling in and under right breastHello

Originally Posted by flyerport View Post
Hello. I'm not sure where to post this but my wife has been complaining for the last 2 1/2 weeks or so about a tingling feeling that she gets under her right breast, She also gets it in her right shoulder blade. she has chronic back and neck issues but I didn't know if this would be heart related or not. Anyone have any ideas on this?

You don't mention her having prior heart/chest surgery so I am going off that. I don't think it is heart related unless it could be radiated pain from a prior heart surgery such as a heart bypass and they borrow mammary veins from the right side sometimes causing patients to have radiated heart pain on the right side.

You also said she has back and neck problems and that could cause radiated pain from those areas to her right side also. As long as she is not having any more alarming symptoms such as shortness of breath or pain on the left side and neck and back and even left arm I would assume it is radiated pain from her already established issues with her back and neck.