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Re: Wondering if I have Lyme..

Hi Ryan, it would be very wise to be tested thru Igenex Lab. you can find their info from where you are sitting. You can call them and tell them the area you live and areas you have visited. They can help you decide what strains to be tested for. You would want to be tested for co-infections such as babesia, bartonella, and other things.
Just to let you know, I had been tested numerous times and testing is just not accurate.
One must see a Lyme specialist (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) to get a accurate diagnoises.
The people at Igenex will be able to answer your questions about testing.
Everyone is different on how they are affected by Lyme and co-infections. And all depends on how long we have had it. Some people may just walk around chronically fatigued and that would be their only symptom. Some can be diagnoised with ADD or alshimers ect ect. Some of us wind up with every symtpom there is...And if you go to just a regular g.p. You will not get a proper diagnosis.
I have had MRI's, ekg's and tested with everything under the sun pre diagnosis and after...My test still come out normal. So moral of the story, you can have the symptoms and nothing will show.
Lyme is in the syphilis family, it imbeds in bone, muscle, and every inch of our bodies. It would be very wise to check your pup before she shares your bed. And many times the ticks are so small you can't even see them. Also fleas, knats, lice, mosquitos ect can carry the bacteria. It is suspected that we can pass it on thru sex and of course blood transfusions. It is estimated that over half the population have lyme.
Hope you find your answers soon. "If" you have lyme, and are only displaying small symptoms right now. It doesn't mean it can't get worse.
It might be good to have your pup looked at too. The vet I was taking my dog too 20 years ago. He suspected I had lyme way before I got a diagnoises from human docs. Wish I had listened to him...
Wishing you luck in finding your answers.

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