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Re: Misdiagnosed Lymes Disease

Sorry for the late response, just did check my email. I guess it depends on what you mean by flu like symptoms. For me I would occasionally get fevered or flushed, I felt like the walking dead with ZERO energy, I had nausea, bone and joint pain, brain fog, anxiety, irritability etc. I think I would actually rather have had the flu! lol My celiac test was negative, or rather just a little below the cutoff point, however both my son and daughter were positive, and its genetic so I treated myself with a very strict gluten free, and cross-contamination free diet and began to see some real changes after 3 month, more noticeably at 6 months and began to feel like myself at the year mark. Antibiotics always made/make me sick. I was told it was from "die off" when I thought I had lyme. In actuality the body recognizes yeast/candida similarly like gluten thus the sickies I got/get on abx wasnt die off but overgrowth of candida no surprise. What are your main symptoms?