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Re: Wondering if I have Lyme..

Hello Ryan:

Lyme symptoms are different for each person. It all depends where the tick bit. Do you remember a bulls eye bite on your person? I don't but Lyme was just getting public attention about the time I was bit in 1974. My symptoms all seemed to settle in my head at first. Now I have many debilitating symptoms. It may not be too late for you to get some antibiotics. I took them for six months in 1999 and a few of my 114 symptoms went away - thank God! After the antibiotics, he tested my urine and that is where he found the Lyme diagnosis (probably from the death of the bacteria).

If you can find a doctor that treats for Lyme, you should ask him for a PCR blood test by IGeneX. (LYME IgG/IgM ANTIBODY SEROLOGY).

I hope you can get a diagnosis soon. I know how miserable it is not to know what is wrong with you.

Ellie Jeanette