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Re: How to change my lifestyle

Water....oh water. Did you know that too much water can kill you too? Dilutes the electrolytes of the blood and your heart can shut down. Add in some orange juice for nutrients or cranberry juice or milk. Tea can be very healthful and even coffee has it's benefits.

I had a really bad bout with gastroenteritis like you had and ended up in the ER getting fluids and was feeling sick for a couple of weeks...nasty bugs going around this year. First time I've ever had to go to the ER for fluids in my 60 years.

So my doc told me to slowly start adding back fluids and food that were easy on my system. You need salt help hold the fluid in your blood so make sure you eat some salty foods. Believe it or not, drinks like Gatorade can make you worse so you are better off with something like gingerale...ginger helps with nausea. If you want something that will help...try the kids is formulated for electrolyte balance much better than anything sports drink.

If you really want to change your lifestyle, start slowly and work on one thing at a time. Eat a very wide and diverse diet of colorful foods and don't avoid salt but do watch how much you take in. If you are thirsty, drink whatever but remember, the body often sends signals of thirst when it really needs food and is looking for nutrients and not just water. Give it a good healthy juice like orange juice.

Keep walking but remember to hydrate before and after.

And s-l-e-e-p. Nothing is better for your body that sleep. The body and brain need time to just fix your body without having to work on everything you do while awake. Give it healing sleep time and you'll feel a whole lot better.

Good luck.

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