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Re: Trigeminal educate me about it


Thank you so much for your kind reply.

I do have an order of protection and am away from him. I live in the same area as him HOWEVER, my address is on lock down with the courts. Naturally as with all abusers, he has denied any type of wrong doing.

I have custody of the kids. The only time he ever sees me is at the custody transfer where a 3rd party must attend for MY safety.

I will never be totally free from him with the kids in the picture, but I'm finally free from his abuse. I endure the mental and verbal for 12+ years. The physical abuse started in the last 3 years of our marriage. I'm so much stronger, better off, and happier. I pray for the day that the emotional scars go away.

I've been to a neuro and he did and MRI. He put me on Effexor. I originally started with 1 pill of 37.5 mg per day. He said to increase the dosage to get the relief. I am at 4 pills of 37.5 per day now. It seems to give me the most relief. I do notice that nothing really can stop the severest attacks. I can feel them still. the meds do make them less intense, but I know it's happening. I guess I'll never be the same.

As far as the MRI, the results were not entirely conclusive. It says the following "the vertebrobasiliar system is tortuous. The left superior cerebellar runs in close approximation to the cisternal portions of the 5th cranial nerve, however, the aertial flow void does not clearly about the nerve. A venous flow void is noted adjacent to the nerve. The sella is normal. The pineal region is clear. The cerebellar tonsils are normal in size and position. Normal flow voids are noted within the visualized cerebral vasculature. There are no areas of abnormal enhancement. "

This condition has entirely changed the quality of my life. Eating is difficult, opening my mouth too wide results in pain in my chin and teeth. I've noticed in the last two weeks that my jaw bone now cracks when I open too far. I've been to a oral surgeon who found nothing in my xrays. I am a runner and can't run outside b/c the wind on my face is so intense that I have throbbing pain in my face for 3 days afterwards.

Despite this all, I feel lucky to be alive. I look at my two children everyday and they are my strength to keep going. To give them a life free from the violence that he wanted me to be in.

Thanks for listening!