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Re: CFS and Neurological/Oddball symptoms

I have had a left hand tremor, balance issues, right sided weakness and tempoary paralysis in my fingers and after a lot of perplexed doctors I was told I have Concersion disorder and dissociative symptoms. I was mostly dx'ed with this as I have mh dx'es which pre-dated my pain issues. (fibro/me symptoms on started 3 years ago, been nuttier than a snickers bar for over a decade).
However i do not fully agree with this - and feel that Lyme's much better fits my cycle of symptoms.
I think it is worht looking at conversion snydrome though as i know it is very under-diagnosed. It is worth looking into Lymes too and if it is affecting you to a great degree get yourself to as many doctors as you can until you find another good one.
Sorry to bang on about my symptoms but i thought it might give a degree of help.
I really hope things improve for you soon.
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