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I need some thoughts!

Okay so its a long story,
I am 15 and ever since about mid july I have been having some problems. I was coming back from the beach with my family one night, and I got this random spurt of shortness of breath and weakness. It was really strange, so when I got home I drank water and went to bed. I woke up... everything was fine, and I just went about my day, however, the next day, I had a long day and after seeing the 2nd harry potter movie I went home, and felt the same way! I was very scared, and felt like I couldnt breathe, and I have a history of asthma, but I was not weezing, so it was something I was not used to. Okay so after that night, its kind of a blur, but I basically needed to take off of my summer job for a couple of days, and I took an abuterol treatment, and went to bed, but I got this sudden urge to burp. It was really weird, I just couldnt lie down because i needed to burp!
It continued for a couple of days, and weeks, and it was very emotionally draining. No one in my family quite knew what was going on with me. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with acid reflux, and took some medicine tha t my doctor perscribed to me. Soon enough my acid reflux went away.
But unfortunately that was not the end of my problems. With the death of my friends mother, I was emotionally confused. I contantly feared death, questioned the meaning of life, and was just depressed. I was looking forward to school to start, because I thought that all of my problems would go away, but boy was I wrong. And mind that throghout this time, ive been in a daze where I feel like I am in a dream and am not present. In addition, i have had this constant fear of having a brain tumor because I keep thinking that there has to be SOMETHING wrong with me if all of this is going on.
Anyway, so school started and I was kind of just playing everything by ear. then mid october, I smoked weed with my friends, and everything spun out of control. I had an intense panic attack where the ambulence was called, and it was just BAD. after that everything has just been an up and down, physical and emotional roller coaster. I have really bad sinus problems too, but i just dont feel like myself. Just a week ago, I had a really bad panick attack at my basketball game and went to the hospital. They took a chest X ray and EKG and everything was fine, the doctor said its anxiety. Idk i just feel really bad and want this all to go away. Now, I feel like I am going to lose control, and I am really conscience of my breathe, I feel like my thoughts are all fuzzy, and I still contantly worry about a brain tumor. To top it all of I was diagnosed with LPR, this like aid reflux in ur Lyrnx I think , so that just makes everything worse. I am just scared that everything is going to get out of control, I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK, WORRY FREE! can anyone help me?

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