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Re: Need help reading MRI results - had vertigo for 2 years

Originally Posted by WebDozer View Post
I don't see anything in the MRI that would cause trouble at any level, although you would seem to have a FUTURE problem from C4 on down, as that disk bulge will likely press deeper into the canal until it is compressing the cord itself. That could be many years away, though.

The 12 years of gymnastics sure seems like a possible culprit. I wonder how many mild concussions you might have accumulated? I did a search on gymnastics+vertigo, though, and didn't see any documented connection.

Just curious... why would flying in an airplane be a problem? Granted, you are way up in the air, but you never have to actually look down....
thank you for your post! It is the fast movement that causes the dizziness and nausea both! I have lost 60 pounds since this all started! For driving, i actually do better when I drive, albeit slower. If i am the passenger, I have to look down at the floorboard - i have actually thrown up otherwise I was really hoping this mri may have some answers - now i am even more depressed....have had ever other test imaginable - the vng came back borderline - (one point from abnormal), but, other then that ??? thanks again for the post.