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Blood tests are positive, but not sure what they mean?

My neurologist, who treats my occipital neuralgia, did some bloodwork recently. I have the results. His office called to say it looked fine except I had a positive ANA and he did not "think it was rheumatoid arthritis". Because I was unsure of my results, I sent it to my gyno, who is also an endocrinologist and a doc that I really, really trust. He called me in for a consultation because he was concerned about the results. He referred me to a rheumatologist and opthamologist. He told me that I have sjogren's and need to be seen immediately. My results are:

SSA Antibody - 135 Positive
SSB Antibody - 15 Negative

ANA - 1:160 Positive
Pattern: Speckled, Homogeneous, Centromere

Smith Antibody - 18 Negative
RNP Antibody - 72 Negative
SCL 70 Antibody - 45 Negative
Jo1 Antibody - 31 Negative
Centromere B Antibody - 27 Negative
Histone Antibody - 16 Negative
Rheumatoid Factor - <20 Negative
DNA DS Antibody - 0 Negative
Thyroid tests were normal
B12 normal

Is this enough to be Sjogren's? Do I have all three of those ANA patterns? Is that a high ANA result? In a CBC that was done in August, I was told I am anemic. I have symptoms of Sjogren's and Lupus, but do not think my blood results support a dx of Lupus.

Can you please tell me if this warrants a visit to the Rheum?

Thank you!

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