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29 month old daughter, autism or speech delays?

Since my daughter has been about a year old she hasn't been much of a talker. She eventually had a vocabulary of about 15 words which inluded numbers 1-10, Dora, boots, hi, momma, Dada, va, peddle, ball and a few others. She slowly stopped using the words. Her pediatrician initially told me to wait till her 30 month appt to address her speech issues if they did not improve.

Some other details about her is that she is watched mainly by her grandparents who are Portuguese and speak a mix of Portuguese and English to her. She is not in daycare and does not mingle with other children often. When she does she is seemingly normal, not very shy and not obsessive with her toys, and shares well. She is an only child.

I decided to contact her Dr prior to the 30 month appt because I'm worried. She has some odd characteristics and I just don't want anything to go undiagnosed when we could be making progress with her issues.

She humms/mmms a lot. It is very difficult to get her to say anything and she gets frustrated when you try to get her to speak. She is also a little ocd with her toys, she sits her dolls near one another and puts things in categories, she doesn't get very upset if you interfere though and she enjoys reading. She brings me books and had me point to everything and tell her what they are. She's very cuddly and sweet and most of the time has a calm demeanor. She doesn't flap but she does have hand gestures. She knows all of her colors, numbers and her body parts. She looks you in the eye and smiles a lot, but she does have an odd sense of humor, granted she is two lol . She does not throw an irregular amount of fits and doesn't toe walk often.

She is going to children's this week for a hearing and speech evaluation. I have a feeling she is going to be placed on the autism spectrum. And I'm taking it very hard.

Am I jumping to conclusions? Has anyone had a child With similar behaviors and later have them conquer their challenges? I just want to put her in the best situation possible regardless of what her delays or disorder may be.

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