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Brushing with soap??

I was flossing a little earlier and my filling seems to have fallen out. i went on google just to see if there was anything i need to be aware of until i'm able to go to the dentist, and randomly came across some article saying that brushing with soap is better because it doesn't contain fluoride. is there any truth to this? is soap actually better? they say that the fluoride causes some kind of buildup so the enamel can't reform as quickly. one person responded saying that soap can irritate your mouth and tongue. i'd rather not test it out unless i know for sure .

(aaanyway, i had a feeling the filling would eventually fall out. it lasted longer than i thought it would. it began hurting only shortly after it was put in and just didn't feel right. the next time i went to that dentist, they said the tooth needs some other kind of work done...i think they said a crown. either way, they probably knew they didn't do a great job in the first place since they offered to do the crown minus the cost of the filling...)

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