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Re: Job Stress

Wow, I am the same way! I hate my job more than anything and fear that it is literally killing me by stress. I get anxiety, headaches, etc. and can barely drag myself out of bed to go in. I have been looking for MONTHS for a new job with no luck. I am willing to take a cut in pay (within reason) JUST to get out so that I can get my life back. Everything else in my life suffers because of it. I get home from work completely exhausted and can easily fall asleep at 7pm. I can't remember the last time I fell WELL rested-even on weekends. I am taking antidepressant but it doesn't seem to help. Even my dr. tells me to get a new job-like it's SO easy tho The whole atmosphere at work is negative so it doesn't help my mood. The past 2 weeks, I have actually cried over the place-and I also vowed never to cry over a job. But I did. I take a day off (with pay) every time I can but all that does is make me feel better and proves that I NEED to get out.
Sorry, I haven't really helped you-lol-but just know that you are NOT alone with your stress.