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Lightbulb Re: Ck and IgM raised and nerve conduction test results

Hello MonaLisa, Blue and Aplcazzie
Thank you all so much for your kind words, and prayers for my grandson, well please dont stop because I think they are beginning to work. He has kept some fluid down AND 1/2 a sandwich, which is really good news he is so thin and small as it is, he is still having fluid pumped into him, and he has managed a smile, which is so good. I have never in all his 6 years heard him cry not ever evan as a baby.

Oh MonaLisa I really feel for you, I am so sorry that you are having such a bad time, I hope you get some painfree time verry very soon. And ramble on as much as you want, I will listen, and besides I ramble, I think a lot of us do, it helps, and helps even more when the rambler knows that the ramble e knows all about the ramble...... I hope you get what I mean see I told you I do it 2.:
What is ttys please.
Hug coming your way to.

Aplcazzie, I am so pleased that your family are there for you, and I do hope you get some help from your Dr's soon, surley that is what they are there for, but can someone please tell them that!!!!! Smiles and hugs coming straight back at you.

Hi Blue thank you so much for your prayers , I hope you are having lots of good hours rather than minuites, and are u as I do enjoying the seasons change, my garden has lost some of its autum colour, but still has a lot to see and glory at.
Peace to you.

Thank you all so much, I get so much from these posts, I hope I can give a little back.

Peace and hugs to you all.