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Everything makes perfect sense!

I went to counseling @ a new place Monday. After the death of my father & another family member, my mother not being n good health & seasonal depression. I couldn't take anymore. And decided to get some help. I was telling my counselor what my symptoms are & how I feel inside. She was asking me questions & looking things up in a book. At the end of our session she told me I have tons of signs for ADHD all on the inattentive. She said with everything I listed I borderline moderate to severe. And that required treatment. I know there isn't anything funny about it. But I had to laugh. It just made perfect sense. I have been living my whole life feeling like a mess inside. Can't concentrate, can't remember things or conversations I have, had a really rough time in school, can't filter out background noises. So when I'm at church & people are talking behind me, I get nothing they say in church. I can't read a book unless it's totally quit. I'm extremely unorganized, I try & try @ things are a mess 2 days after I organize it. My counselor said it was to early to diagnose anything. But was something we would explore & look further into. Hope to learn some things here.

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