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Re: TTC & Obese

I can definitely relate to how you are feeling because I'm experiencing a similar situation. I'm a big girl always have been but have managed to put on more and more weight over the past few years all while adding up to 450lbs on the scale. I'm 27 and my weight has just got completely out of control, and quite honestly even though I've always been big and have been aware of it, I never really felt as big as I am. I have an amazing boyfriend who doesn't see the fat me, he sees everything but that, and I have the most loving compassionate friends who see the me on the inside, I really am a lucky girl...but I think because my weight was never an issue to others it hasn't been an issue to me if that makes sense. My boyfriend and I want children as well and have talked about it for years, but we decided it would be best to begin a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight first, we both starting losing weight, I lost 15 lbs last month and was feeling good about myself and my journey ahead, but I always find some way of getting discouraged and then I gain it back.

I recently went to the dr. for some leg pains I was having and I had a Dr. similar to yours where all they could focus on was my weight and bringing me down. I'm very comfortable discussing my weight with others, I don't get angry or play the blame game, but when you feel attacked or made fun of for such a thing it hurts. I think its very important to find a Dr who you feel comfortable with and who feels comfortable with an obese patient. As far as having a baby and being overweight, of-coarse its possible, I know lots of people who are overweight and are proud parents of very beautiful healthy babies so don't feel discouraged. I think losing some weight or just making better choices can help us become pregnant, but don't think it cant happen because it can : )