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Re: 29 month old daughter, autism or speech delays?

This is my first time on this site and I joined so that I could answer your question.
My son was diagnosed on Feb. 21, 2011.
Here are some of the red flags that he showed...
He didn't walk until he was 21 months.
He would sit for hours (if we let him) in his bouncy chair, never complaining.
He watched TV at odd angles, like standing to the side of the TV and looking at it from the side of his head almost (hard to explain, but if your kid has done it you will know what I mean)
He never fights back when his brother is being a little terror to him.
He was SUPER bendy and flexible. I used to say that he would be a gymnast like his dad was, not knowing that he just had low muscle tone.
He said very few words, but understood lots.
He didn't respond to his name 75% of the time.
He is ridiculously smart. I thought he would be a genious! Still do, but in a different way.
Can play alone or by himself. If there are 100 kids in the room playing he is just as likely to be on his own as he is with the kids.

I hope this helped you a bit.
When my son was diagnosed it was devestating. I cried for days! When he went to be diagnosed I thought that they would say he was just delayed, because there were a lot of kids that day with Autism, and they all appeared different than my son. Hearing he was Autistic was a huge, HUGE shock.
But it's okay now. He is lucky that our Infant and Toddler program is wonderful! He is now in preschool at the elementary school, in the special education program. I have every reason to believe he will be fine as an adult.

Good luck to you, hope for the best.