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Exclamation Vegetable matter or something else?

Hello, all.

First of all I apologize in advance if this isn't exactly the right place to post this.

I suppose I should start at the beginning.

In around mid October I want to the bathroom and found in my stool two long things. They actually looked like leaf stems and were colored dark brown/black and white. I found them so disturbing that I went right to urgent care. The doctor said that they looked like some kind of vegetable mater and they were nothing to worry about. A couple times since then I have found similar things in my stool. They still look like leaf stems except that they are brown colored, the sane color as my stool actually, and are much smaller, maybe an inch or two. I have noticed that they fall apart in my hands very easily. After doing a little research online I found that they could be related to parasite called Nematoada. You can imagine that this upset me greatly. I've been able to put this worry aside for the most part. Still the brown colored leaf stem looking things have me a little concerned, they just seem kind of odd, and the person I read about online with the Nematoda had similar things in they're stool, though they also had little mucus balls, which I don't have. I've been told that it isn't uncommon to have vegetable matter in your stool. Is that all this is, just vegetable matter, or could it be a parasite or something else serious? Has anyone else had anything similar, and is it anything to worry about?

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