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Sleep Apnea I hope it's not too late

I was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I have been having troubles for years but never thought about sleep apnea, because I sleep like a log. I always complained to my wife that I felt like I never slept. Her response was always that I snored all night, so I must have
slept. The following night I went to bed earlier and felt the same. Must be getting old and it's just the way the old people feel. When I talked to my doctor he said, your getting older. So years go by and now I can't think, remember, concentrate or accomplish anything without massive amounts of caffeine. I used to run five miles a day now I am gaining weight fast. I was not overweight when this problem started.
I would never have had a sleep study if I wasn't a hypochondriac. That's what everyone called me. You're tired because you don't exercise, even though I am very active and have a physical job.
I finally told my primary that I wanted a sleep study because I feel like crap. He was hesitant, because I wasn't fat. But I insisted, all the symptoms fit.
The first test revealed severe sleep apnea. I woke up twice a minute and my oxygen level went down to 75%. I went in and out of rem a few times, but the doctor has never seen it happen like that.
Now after the second test with the Cpap the doc said I have to do another test because of my sinus problem. This process has taken over two months and I still can't function.
What I am worried about is permanent brain damage because of the lack of oxygen and no sleep.
Symptoms include dizziness, sweating, lack of concentration, bad memory, anxiety, bad temper and horrible depression.

I know that anxiety and depression can affect memory too but my fear is that my life is over and I will never get it back.
The doctor actually said that he won't prescribe the Cpap because it won't be effective until he solves my sinus problem.
I have always had bad sinus problems, nothing works, so I just breath out of my mouth.
Has anybody had sleep apnea this bad?

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