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Seizure during EEG?

Hi had an EEG yesterday with strobing lights and fast breathing. About 3 minutes or so after the lights and breathing exercise I saw with my eyes closed somewhat of a darker space in my head and my head began to feel woosey and I got really scared feeling I was going to have a seizure and I opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes it took me about three seconds to realize where I was...I know I was not falling head and body felt different. Was this a seizure? Also, during the test duriing the blinking lights my eyes did an involuntary thing by going around and around in my head. Is this normal? The tech told me she didnt know how to read the results and that if it was a seizure somebody would call lme sooner or later. Nobody called me yesterday but I do not know if my test would have been read that fast. One of the episodes I had which caused the neurologist to want an EEG was like this. I sort of "blacked out with my eyes open" and when I came too I didn't know where I was.

Anybody experience similar things when having an EEG? If I was going to have a seizure and stopped it when I opened my eyes, would any sort of activity register on the EEG when this happened?

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